Sil Miller
Director of Human Resources California Community Foundation

What should I know before posting a job notice on the Internet?

So where do I post my job? How do I post a job? What's the right place to post and what's not? Everybody thinks of It's a fantastic way to attract a certain type of applicant. Most of your younger employees are going to come from a ad. They're very technological; they're savvy as to going online and looking for jobs. But what's important? First I think you have to take a look at what's important at what it is your looking for and you have to understand that when you post a job people don't read the whole job posting. They read pieces of it and the introduction is very important and it's very important that it be short and to the point and ask specifically for what you're looking for. If you post in the wrong place you may be looking at getting hundreds of résumés. Do you have the resources available to you to actually screen those résumés? And how are you going to screen? So a very direct and pointed job announcement is probably one of the most important things you're going to look at.